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How many people purchase a home without hiring a professional home inspector (not your brother-in-law who was a part time contractor)? The answer is too many. For most people a home purchase is one of the biggest decisions you will make in your lifetime. Unless you buy homes regularly and have significant expertise in home construction and a whole lot more it just is not a good choice. San Diego House Inspections provide professional and friendly inspectors that are certified and competent.

Let's take a look at reality. Can you afford to make a costly mistake and purchase a home that has problems that you are not aware of? Just like going to your family doctor for an annual checkup, a professional knows what to look for and how. The end result is by hiring a professional home inspector you "insure" your purchase with knowledge and facts.

Sometimes a Home Inspectors report will highlight home improvements that have gone wrong. In some cases, the home improvements may not have the required paperwork, to show that they are legal and comply with local by-laws. In other instances, the renovations may be incomplete, or done to a very poor standard. In either case, someone will need to fix the renovations or pay for a trades-person to do the necessary work. That person will be either the vendor or home buyer depending on what terms of sale are included in the contract.

When done professionally, a home inspection will be extremely thorough and, will most likely identify some problems (or potential problems). Most problems will be minor in nature and can be repaired after closing. Even newly constructed homes will have problems noted on a home inspection report.

So other than hidden defects and knowledge, why should you spend more money by getting through house inspections?

Many people use the San Diego House Inspections as a guide to understand better the everyday home maintenance on the specific home they are buying. A quality inspection will help illustrate the normal function and maintenance required to own this home in the years to come.

For some individuals they wouldn’t even consider the idea of attempting this on their own. Instead they turn to an experienced real estate agent. That’s a great and effective idea but it can also be very expensive. If you are seriously thinking of selling your house, consider doing it yourself.

Simply put, it may help prevent surprises down the road. No one wants to move in to a new home and find out a week later that something is wrong.

Capstone Home Inspection Service is one of the best in this field so visit their website at and call their toll free number 888-282-0788 to schedule a home inspection.