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Residential Home Inspection in San Diego Done by Professionals

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In San Diego, all home inspectors do not all have the same credentials, and some of the inspectors are not professionals by credentialing or experience. You should shop for a home inspector the same way you would choose any other professional that you will be trusting with your welfare. A San Diego Residential Home Inspection may be the best protection you can get for your future property. Call 888-282-0788 to schedule a professional home inspection service.

Almost every potential buyer in San Diego will make the results of a home inspection a contingency of their offer. Consider paying for a home inspection before putting your home on the market. If you wait until you have an offer, a home inspection which reveals problems can be a deal breaker. It's best to know about things the buyer will need to fix and, if possible, make the repairs necessary for a clean home inspection report.

If the problems revealed in your Residential home inspection in San Diego are serious, you may wish to modify your offer to buy. The owner will then have the choice of accepting your offer, rejecting it outright, or making a counteroffer. The costs of home repairs vary widely depending on the company chosen, time of year, and regional differences, but here are some general guidelines to major home repair costs to assist you in renegotiating the offer.

• Replacing a forced-air furnace - $1,700 to over $3,500, depending on energy efficiency

• Replacing a heat-pump - $800 to over $1,400

• Replacing air conditioner compressor unit - $800 to $1,200 or more

• Cleaning air ducts - $250 to over $500 or more

• Replacing galvanized steel plumbing with copper pipes - $2,000 and up

• Upgrading electrical service to 100 amps - $1,200 to over $2,000

• Upgrading electrical service to 200 amps - $1,500 to over $2,000

• Replacing a roof - Varies, but usually at least $2.00 per square foot

• Major foundation repair and replacement - $300 or more per square foot

While not getting a home inspection in San Diego may save you a few hundred dollars at the time of purchase, a surprise problem or repair after you take possession could potentially cost you much more. For peace of mind, it is usually a wise idea to have the home inspected, before finalizing the purchase. A professional Residential Home Inspection is all you need.

A quality Residential Home Inspection in Escondido and other cities is offered by Capstone Home Inspection Service. Visit their website at http://sandiego.prohomeinspector.org/ and call their toll free number 888-282-0788 to schedule a home inspection.